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    Everyone including homeowners, contractors, and builders is now realizing the benefits of polystyrene rendering Sydney in construction. It has been gaining increasing popularity in the residential market more recently. At DCR Cement Rendering, we have over 20 years of experience in providing a wide range of rendering services in the region. We understand how polystyrene rendering in Sydney works and how to help our clients get the best out of it. Our licensed technicians have the experience and training to provide high-quality rendering services for all types of walls.

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    Things to Know About Polystyrene Rendering Sydney

    Polystyrene is a recent material addition to the rendering process. Still, it has gained widespread popularity in the residential market. We provide Sydney polystyrene rendering services for both types of foam, including:

    • Expanded Polystyrene Insulation (EPS)
    • Extruded Polystyrene Insulation (XPS)

    Both these options are different in terms of their construction, even when they are made using the same polystyrene material. They are also different in terms of the benefits they offer. For example, EPS provides excellent thermal performance but doesn’t add to the wall’s structural integrity.

    Benefits of Polystyrene Rendering in Sydney

    Both types of polystyrene cladding installation are versatile and flexible. The insulating properties protect your home against the weather and thus increasing the lifespan of the underlying materials. Some of the main reasons our clients choose polystyrene cladding for houses are as follows:


    Even when rendered polystyrene cladding is lightweight, it is highly durable. When maintained properly, it can withstand many years of use without any issues.


    Polystyrene is known as a lightweight material. So, your polystyrene wall will be lightweight and doesn’t add additional weight to the building’s structure. We often apply this rendering on the upper floors. This prevents any risk of destabilizing the structure.

    Fire Retardant

    Polystyrene is also a safe and reliable material in terms of fire safety. Polystyrene rendering Sydney is capable of holding off fire for longer. It can limit the damage and allow enough time for the building occupants to escape.

    Resistance to Pests

    Both EPS and XPS are resistant to pests such as:

    • Rodents
    • Termites
    • White ants

    And others. These are made of artificial materials and are of no value to pests. Thus, you will not have to worry that your rendering will be damaged by bugs.


    Expanded Sydney polystyrene rendering is flexible and can cover almost anything. You can have the material applied on a wide range of surfaces varying in terms of:

    • Materials
    • Size
    • Shape
    • Texture

    Polystyrene has few limitations and stands out from other material options including acrylic and cement rendering. Its flexibility increases its design potential for homeowners.

    High insulation value and water-resistant properties are additional reasons why polystyrene cladding for houses are so popular. EPS and XPS also provide good sound isolation, thus shielding your home interiors from outdoor noises. All these benefits show why polystyrene rendering Sydney is an excellent choice for your home’s walls.

    Cost of Polystyrene Rendering for Houses

    Polystyrene rendering prices are similar to that for acrylic rendering. Traditional rendering procedures require acrylic or polymer addition to ensure the mix adheres to the surface. The cost of polystyrene render depends on the following factors:

    • The finish
    • The surface area of the wall
    • The condition of your wall
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    Why Choose Us for Your Polystyrene Rendering Sydney Project?

    When it comes to your polystyrene fence or wall rendering requirements, it is important to choose experienced and professional renderers. We have over two decades of industry experience and provide a hassle-free experience from the initial inspection to project completion. Explore the different reasons why we stand out for our polystyrene rendering services:


    We have over 20 years of experience in the industry. Over the years, we have completed hundreds of polystyrene rendering Sydney projects. We specialize in rendering using all types of base materials including cement, acrylic, foam, and polystyrene for different types of surfaces. We have an in-depth understanding of the procedure and use the right materials and techniques to ensure your walls are effectively covered and protected.

    Affordable Services

    Wall and fence rendering projects tend to be expensive. This causes many homeowners to cut corners or look for companies offering cheap services. Over the years, we have been able to develop cement, acrylic, foam, and polystyrene rendering services in Sydney setting the ideal balance between affordable pricing and quality. This means that when you choose our services, you can have beautiful walls that last long without the need to push your budget.

    At DCR Cement Rendering, we offer upfront pricing that is detailed and provided after a proper inspection of your property. There are no hidden costs in our quote and we will explain each element in your polystyrene rendering Sydney project. Feel free to contact us at 0475 417 239 to discuss your project requirements, goals, and to get a FREE quote.


    Speak to one of our rendering Sydney experts and we will visit your property for an inspection & quote.

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    Why Choose Us?

    At DCR Cement Rendering, we provide rendering Sydney services to meet the unique needs of our clients. We will develop and generate innovative, functional, and aesthetically pleasing textural solutions for your new construction or repair project. There are a number of reasons why we stand out from the crowd:

    Premium rendering service

    Work Backed by Guarantee

    Wall rendering is a major investment. You desire the highest quality workmanship and long-lasting results. All our work is backed by a guarantee so that you can have a worry-free experience.

    High-Quality Customer Service

    High-Quality Customer Service

    We provide high-quality customer service to ensure our clients stay up-to-date with all their project information at all stages of the project.

    Highly Skilled Cement Render Sydney

    Fully Licensed & Insured

    We are a fully licensed and insured company. All our craftsmen and experts have undergone specialised training in construction work

    Public Liability Insurance DCR Cement Sydney

    Public Liability Insurance

    We have Public Liability Insurance with all the coverage required to protect your interests.

    Reliable Polystyrene Rendering Sydney

    High-Quality Work

    Our workmanship is second to none. You can trust us and rely on the quality of our work. Every surface is finished flat, even, and flawlessly.

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    Professional Team

    We are a fully accredited renderer, with a team of professional and qualified experts that deliver high-quality and affordable rendering service throughout Sydney’s metropolitan areas.

    Making a Difference in Rendering Sydney Services

    Professional Preparation

    Before we start rendering, our team will prepare your property for optimal protection. We will cover all the doors, windows, and other features to prevent any damage from the render

    There are No Shortcuts

    We prepare render mixes that are full strength and meet manufacturer requirements. Only the proper sand, cement, and lime ratios are used. We never ‘stretch’ the mix for cost-saving reasons. We take pride in the quality of products we use and the services we deliver.

    Reliable Services

    We stay on schedule and on budget. We will begin the rendering project when we say and finish it on time. If there are any contingencies, we will keep you informed. You can expect attention to detail and reliability from us.

    Experienced Renderers

    All the renderers on our team are qualified professionals with at least 5 years of industry experience. Our team members are not just great at what they do, they are also courteous, clean, reliable, professionally dressed, trustworthy, and respectful.

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    best cement render in sydney

    Highly recommend DCR cement rendering who have done an excellent job rendering our renovated house. Every member of the team is polite and professional working hard to keep the area clean and tidy and protecting new doors.

    Morison, Bondi NSW

    It took a bit longer than we expected but the end result is excellent and we’re very pleased.

    Hughes, North Sydney NSW

    The lads were always polite, tidy and respectful especially during current times. Their attention to detail was great and protected everything that needed to be so there was no damage to anything else.

    Scott J, Ashfield NSW

    Recently had an external render and screed done by DCR cement rendering. They did a great job and were a lovely hard working bunch of guys.

    Steve Warner, Jervis Bay NSW

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